"How do I support my child’s interest in math?"


On Thursday, 13 May at 5 p.m. CEST, Dr. Dr. Gert Mittring and  Tanvi  Shah Founder of Mathe  OlympIQ will have a conversation in English and German on the topic


If you have already registered for the  online workshop (see below), you can follow the conversation using this same access. Otherwise, registration is possible here. A separate link will be sent to all registered participants before the start of the event.


Questions to the speakers should be asked using the chat function or mailed to mentalmath2021@gmail.com before the event.

Virtual mental calculation workshop with Gert Mittring for 9 to 19 year-olds (in English and German)

12 to 14 May 2021

Applications closed!

We invite you to participate in a virtual mental calculation workshop with the multiple mental calculation world champion Gert Mittring which will take place from 12 to 14 May 2020. 

The actual European Junior Championship , which was scheduled to take place in  Basel at this time, unfortunately had to be postponed until 2022  due to the COVID-19  situation. By participating in this workshop you can prepare yourself for the 2022 championship. You can get to know other enthusiastic mental calculators from all over Europe  and have a lot of fun.

Since we want to ensure an active participation in the workshop, the number of participants is limited. For those who had already registered for the European Championship 2021, participation is guaranteed.   Participation in the workshops is free of charge.

The workshop will take place via Zoom.  The participants will be split into  three groups according to their  level (see in the registration! ). The groups  will meet with Gert Mittring and other mental calculation experts in separate virtual rooms. 

At the beginning of the  day,  Gert Mittring gives  an introduction to the theme of the day for all. At the end of the day, a invited  speaker talks about a  topical  topic,  which is closely linked to the world of mathematics and mental calculation.  

2021 workshop programm ENG as of 10 May
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Test yourself!

Here are examples of the type of problems you will practice in the workshop.

Beispielaufgaben-Examples 2020.pdf
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Here you can see what the championship could look like.

flyer eng 2021 online.pdf
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Fifth European Championship in Mental Calculation  and Workshop for Students (9 to 19 years) planned to take place in Basel in May 2022